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Dirt Products

Red Select

Select fill for contractors or homebuilders needing good quality material that will compact and stay in place. Builders and homeowners can also use select in backfill for walls or washouts because it packs in very tight. Red select is also ideal for sub-base on roads and driveways.

Top Soil

Sandy loam topsoil is perfect for flower beds or low spots in the yard.  It is also used for final grading around the house or commercial project.

Brick Sand

Also known as masonry sand. This versatile tan or white sand is used for mixing mortar and is great for beach sand and playgrounds.

Screen Topsoil

Free of any rocks, debris or organic matter larger than 3/8 inch. Often used on yards, flowerbeds, golf courses and horse tracks.

Rock Products


Sometimes referred to as crushed limestone, caliche, or flex base. Size is 1.75" minus, meaning the largest diameter rock is typically 1.75" down to very fine small rock particles. Great for driveways and access roads because rocks bind together creating a hard, all weather driving surface.   Typically used under asphalt paving on roadways and parking lots as this material is TXDOT approved.  


Similar to base rock in appearance and function but curshed concrete is recycled concrete and crushed down to a 1.75" minus material.  Typically used for driveways, access roads or anywhere an all weather surface is needed.  This has become our favorite choice of material for driveways due to its ability to bind together and create a better surface during rain events and less dust during the dry season.  

Filter Rock

Also called utility rock, it is clean, washed rock used to backfill retainer walls, septic systems and utility trenches. Filter rock is the perfect solution for bedding pipes in storm drains and french drains so that the dirt around the pipes won't erode. Available in 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch, or  3/8 inch sizes.

River Rock

A smooth decorative stone can be ordered in 1 inch or larger sizes and effective option for flowerbeds or walkways and is not typically used for driveways.

Pea Gravel

A small, smooth 3/8 inch rock is often used on playgrounds and for gardening or irrigation purposes. 

Rip Rap

Typically clean crushed limestone rock used to protect soil from erosion. Used around pond outflows, storm drainage structures and can be used to stabilize soft areas in roadways. Rip-rap is used around construction entrances and becomes a stable ground for traffic. Rip Rap comes in 3 inch x 8 inch, 12 inch minus or 24 inch minus.  

Recycled Asphalt or Millings

Crushed asphalt or milled directly off roads. Recycled asphalt can be used as a road base or as a top covering over base rock or crushed concrete to create a darker color surface and for smaller particles on the top layer. 


Used for driveways, parking lots and roadways.  

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